Sam Millman (@sammaye)

I am a keen, experienced, full stack developer, IT administrator, and general computer geek; great at working both independently and as part of a team. Add my ability to research a solid, and comprehensive, understanding of any subject, or tool, I do not know means I bring, to any company or team, a solid and dependable full stack developer.

As a full stack developer I am accustomed to creating and deploying solid & secure applications on, equally, solid & secure architectures backed by well-built and easy to understand code bases.

My work is also my hobby! I love testing new tools and creating personal projects. I am also a member of programming communities such as Stack Overflow.


HTML CSS Twitter Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery node.js MEAN Stack PHP MongoDB MySQL redis Sysadmin Ubuntu nginx Apache WordPress SEO Business Intelligence (BI)


A modern dating site for a modern age

HTML 5 CSS 3 Twitter Bootstrap (v3) jQuery Yii2 PHP 7 MongoDB MySQL Linux nginx Cloudflare node.js socket.io SSL (Secure Web Sockets) Discourse WordPress Google Analytics Google Adsense Google Adwords

Meetlane provides a short list of, comprehensively, well-built functions, from finding a match to chatting in realtime.

You can be certain you will find a decent match near you since Meetlane has a fully working coordinates system provided by Open Street Maps.

Meetlane provides security via mechanisms such as encrypted connections while keeping the user in a modern and simple environment to find the perfect date.


A comic strip collector for my favourite comics

HTML 5 CSS 3 Twitter Bootstrap (v3) jQuery Yii2 PHP 7 MongoDB Linux nginx Cloudflare SSL Google Analytics

This is designed as a personal project to scrape my favourite comics in the morning and email a daily strip of them.

It, however, features a fully functioning subscription service and web administration interface as well as a publicly visible archive of what the site has scraped.